1. Where is Lascaux Cave located and what time period are the paintings from?

Answer: Lascaux Cave is located in France and the paintings are 17,000 years old.

2.Why do archaeologist find this cave so interesting and special?

Answer: Because it's so old and historical with lots of ancient information, it was also not found very long ago.

3.What are some of the most interesting paintings in the cave and what themes are repeated in the paintings ?

Answer: Some of the most interesting paintings paintings are the ones with the details the most repeated one is of a horse running.

4.What theories do archaeologist have about why these cave paintings were made?What evidence do they have for these theories?

Answer: Some theories are that these are the animals they saw and hunted for food and natural beauty.

5.What question do archaeologist still have about the paintings in Lascaux Cave ?

They still wonder what type of people painted them? Also what do they symbolize?